CredPool - One-stop solution for all your securitisation needs

Our Offerings


  • Increased access and reach
  • Variety of product options
  • Discovery on investor dashboards
  • Machine learning
  • Express Interest feature


  • Algorithm driven structuring
  • Self service module
  • Reduced TAT
  • Counterparty engagement


  • Asset Backed Securitization module
  • Treasury module
  • Convenient tracking module
  • Debt capital markets database
  • Borrowing profile module
  • Document management module
  • Portfolio analytics module

For Originators

CredPool provides an easy to execute Price discovery vs Loan product model with compliance modules for pre and post settlement requirements.

You will discover better pricing with a simpler deal process to enhance your experience.

  • Deepening supply & demand on Platform
  • Data Privacy & Pricing
  • Digital KYC | LMS Integration
  • Compliance & Reporting requirements from Banks
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For Investors

CredPool provides a comprehensive asset quality check and sanctity check of data leading to a reduced load on the investors.
We have over  ₹17,500 crore of Direct Assignment and Pass Through Certificates volume discovered and executed on our platform with automated processes and adherence to compliance.

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CredAvenue Advantage

  • Price Discovery
    Unparalleled depth and tools to engage independently for price discovery
  • Data Sanctity
    Single source of truth for all data-entity and asset verified across all available sources
  • Regulatory and Compliance Reporting
    Complete automation of all internal and external reporting formats for any nature of reporting requirements
  • Process Automation
    From data cleaning to validation to deal execution and until last rupee is paid, the process is digital
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Mr. Ebenezer Daniel,

MD & CEO, Orange Retail Finance India Private Limited

“We are happy to be onboarded on CredAvenue’s co-lending platform. It is a simple, powerful and seamless platform with a 360 degree approach and hassle free integration process. CredAvenue is the need of the hour”

Mr. Tarun Soni,

CFO, Bizongo

“CredAvenue as a platform has brought in a refreshing change to manage supply chain financing challenges for us. We are pleased to partner with them to discover and run multiple financing programs for our vendors through multiple lenders. Their digital platform is very intuitive and 'easy-to-use' and has helped us to manage various finance programs seamlessly while bringing in operational efficiency for our team.”

Mr. Raveendra Babu,

MD- Asirvad Micro finance Limited

“We are delighted to partner with CredAvenue on the MLD issuance targeted towards the wealth segment. Plutus - the bond platform of CredAvenue - has been instrumental in providing NBFC-MFIs an access to the retail investor market, and diversifying their liability profile."

Ms. Padmaja Reddy,

Founder and MD, SSFL

“We are excited to partner with CredAvenue in this landmark transaction. It is good to see heightened interest from retail investors in both our company and the microfinance sector. Funds raised through this issuance will help us scale our business profitably at an accelerated pace.”

Mr. Souvik Sengupta,

Founder – Hella Infra

“The CredAvenue platform has been instrumental in the debt raise done at Hella Infra Market Limited so far. The wide range of investors accessible on the platform generated multiple interests for our capital requirement with the technology enabling quick turnaround till sanction closure. The outreach has helped us get marquee investors and also reduce our cost of borrowing – especially commendable seeing as this has come in the current times of uncertainty post the pandemic.

Mr. Rohit Garg,

CEO, SmartCoin Financials Pvt. Ltd.

"We were live on the co-lending marketplace within a week and could connect with multiple lenders with just a click. What truly stands out for me is the tech capability due to which our consumer journey didn't change and the swiftness of their business team. SmartCoin's partnership with CredCo-Lend is a great example of what can be achieved when thoughtful and diligent organizations come together to challenge the status quo."

Mr. Hardika Shah ,

Founder & CEO, Kinara Capital

"Integrating with multiple lenders has been effortless and easy. CredAvenue's one-time integration significantly reduced the turnaround time for us. With CredAvenue's co-lending marketplace, we have been able to explore new lending partnerships all on a single platform. As Kinara Capital expands its operations, I am sure CredAvenue will keep playing a major role in our growth story."