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Here’s who can become a partner:

Independent Chartered Accountants CA
Mutual Fund Distributors
Investment Banker Wealth Managers Financial Consultants Ex-Banking Professionals

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Hear From Our Partners!

After partnering with CredAvenue, the process time in onboarding a client has become very fast because since all your processes are digitalised, the duplication of work is not there. We do not need to go to everybody in an individual manner. That's why the term sheets also that come for the clients come in much faster.

Anand Shah
Partner at DRChoksey Distributors LLP

CredAvenue has been the easiest platform in India so far for any financial service. This was easiest to get on board. It is asking the core questions and eliminating a lot of processes by coming to the point. It gets to the core what the lender wants.

Shailendra Kharwar
Independent Investment Consultant

One big advantage that I see with CredAvenue is that they have established relationships and they've onboarded quite a few lenders and financers who understand the business very well and they have a trusted relationship with CredAvenue. The best thing is that we are able to work with CredAvenue on at least 4-5 deals simultaneously.

Vishwanath Kumar Seshadri
Founder & CEO, Xestion Advisor Pvt. Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CredAvenue Partner Program?

CredAvenue partner program enables professionals and firms in financial services to grow/diversify their business/practice by offering debt raise facilities for their clients

How do I earn from CredAvenue Partner Program?

You earn a success based commission fees for every transaction referred

Is there any charge for the platform?


Is there any qualification to enroll as a partner?

You need to submit a signup form and should have some experience in financial services to be able to earn faster. However, we encourage new entrepreneurs to also join

How much can I earn?

We have a set agreement and financial terms plan, once you are successfully onboarded - will be shared for you to evaluate. You can earn upto 50% of service revenue depending on volume of transactions

How will I track my earnings?

You will be issued an exclusive access to manage your entire portfolio

Will my client leave me and join CredAvenue?

No! Your client is yours till its active on platform

How will I be paid?

You will raise the invoice based on %share and once the transaction is closed, you will receive the payment within 30 days