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CredAvenue is an online marketplace for corporate borrowers and debt investors to interact transparently and efficiently. At its core, CredAvenue’s foundation is laid on a firm belief that an optimal credit ecosystem cannot be built on information asymmetry. CredAvenue therefore restores the balance of power with both borrowers and investors, and helps curate an informed decision. The platform rests on three broad pillars – a dynamic credit underwriting engine that uses cutting-edge data analytics to facilitate credit decision making; proprietary algorithms that match borrowers with investors to ensure that price discovery is driven by an optimal risk-reward combination; and a state-of-the-art transaction engine that makes complex transactions straightforward to execute and incredibly convenient to manage post closure as well.

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/ Objective

  • Connect Borrowers and Investors

    As an borrower, you can access a diverse range of global Investors. As an investor, you can explore enterprises across a broad spectrum of sectors, scale, rating.

  • Facilitate Information Access and Analytics

    Our platform allows investors access all deal and borrower related information critical for credit decision making and portfolio monitoring. Use our exhaustive set of analytical tools, models, reporting solutions.

  • Enables Price Discovery

    The platform aides transparent price discovery and strikes a power balance between borrowers and investors.

  • Provide Seamless Execution Experience

    Automated workflows allow seamless, efficient, fast execution of transactions. The platform addresses the entire lifecycle of a transaction and brings together the different spokes of a deal through a collaboration module.

CredAvenue for Investors

CredAvenue is your one single portal to explore-evaluate-execute and monitor debt transactions. It provides more diversified investment opportunities in the form of a wide range of borrowers who are fully vetted by Vivriti Capital. We cover a wide range of corporate borrowers across financial and non-financial services sectors. You can view the entity details, access our diligence reports, get all deal related information and take your pick. Our recommendation engine can help narrow down the search by throwing up options that best fit your risk-return preferences and requirements. The platform provides dynamic credit underwriting and portfolio monitoring solutions that is backed by Vivriti’s on ground monitoring and robust analytics models. Straight Through Processing, simplified workflows, collaboration modules, hassle free execution help make debt market transactions faster, simpler than they have ever been!

Investor Screen
Investor Screen

CredAvenue for Borrowers

CredAvenue has been created with the fundamental belief that creditworthy corporates across sizes, rating spectrum should have access to debt capital. Our platform allows entities to access wide range of investors across the globe and offers a gamut of debt instruments depending on your requirements across the entity lifecycle. CredAvenue allows you to post your capital requirements for variety of investors – including PSU banks, Private banks, Mutual Funds and foreign institutional investors. The bidding platform enables real time price discovery and allows you to choose the best offer. Our structuring modules, hassle free execution processes, simplified workflows make the debt raise process a matter of few clicks!


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Satyajit Das

CFO - Annapurna Finance Private Limited

“In a very short span of time, the platform has left a strong impression on the financial services and debt capital market space in India. They are a highly motivated and sincere team with tons of innovation in their mind. The platform they have created shows their focus on embedding advanced technology in enterprise lending. It also reaffirms their commitment to bring transparency in processes and give more control to the stakeholders. I see them impacting this space in a revolutionary way in the coming days.”

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Vivriti Capital to raise ₹500 crore debt fund

Vivriti Capital, which runs an online marketplace for mid-market corporates to raise debt, plans to raise ₹500 crore for a debt fund that will invest in companies in its marketplace

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CredAvenue facilitates Rs 20,000 crore of enterprise debt financing

Vivriti Capital’s debt platform has pulled this figure on the back of 800 deals in the past two years since its launch in 2017

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'Enter, Evaluate, Execute': Innovating Debt Financing in India

To achieve business objectives, financial institutions can leverage a tech-driven marketplace & follow a 3-pronged go-to market strategy

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